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  • Apptio Platform (18)
  • Cloud Financial Management (43)
  • Enterprise Agile Management (22)
  • Technology Business Management (49)

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Technical Level
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Presented By
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  • Partner (33)
  • TBM Council (13)
Sunny Gupta
Co-Founder and CEO
Jack Bischof
General Manager
TBM Council
Ashley Pettit
Chair, TBM Council

State Farm Insurance
Ajay Patel
Chief Operating Officer
Larry Blasko
President, Field Operations
Nicole Holmes
EVP, CFO for Technology
Wells Fargo
Trevor Schulze
Bhushan Ivaturi
Ajay Patel
Chief Operating Officer
Rob Thomas
Senior Vice President Software and Chief Commercial Officer
George Maddaloni
Chief Technology Officer, Operations
Adam Smith
Chief Technology Officer
Ratnakar Lavu
Start-up Advisor and former CDIO, Nike
Dinesh Keswani
Nomura Holdings
Mark Freiheit
SVP, Global Technology Finance and Procurement
Marriott International
JR Storment
Founder & Executive Director
FinOps Foundation
Margaret Dawson
Chief of Staff to the CEO and Communications Officer
Digital transformation is no longer an option. Every organization knows it must become a digital leader to survive and thrive. This is why businesses and governments are throwing trillions of dollars at new technologies. Organizations must build and deliver exciting new software applications. They must continuously innovate, move quickly, adapt,…

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JW Ligthart
TBMC Technical Advisor Healthcare
William Chancellor
Senior CS Strategic Advisor
Emmanuel Acheampong
Manager, Engagement Management Practice
Apptio adoption is not only about purchasing and configuring a product, it is the creation of a program for management, maturity, and accountability. Success depends on organizational change as much as on the tools you’re adopting. Focusing on change from the beginning will help ensure success.
Konstantin Popov
Managing Director
Vincerion Group
Understand the impact of enterprise-wide transformation initiatives on Enterprise and IT finance organizations, and how to engage Finance, Business, and IT stakeholders in a product-based business architecture and fixed capacity allocation dialogue that shifts finance into a transformative role.
Dieter Vangrunderbeek
Sr. Product Manager
In this session, we will dive into the latest & greatest on the Apptio-ServiceNow Integration. The session will cover the value IT drives into organizations when they combine the best-in-class financial management & best-in-class operational workflow solutions. We’ll back up the vision by showing the current integration features as well…

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Ankur Sharma
IT Finance Director
Freddie Mac
Jennifer Bishop
TBM Program Manager
Jane Daniel
TBMO Finance Director
Kaiser Permanente
Manik Patil
Head of Cloud Enablement
US Bank
Intelligent cloud adoption and unit economics are hollow concepts unless these are anchored on business value. Value conversations as TBM defines these are designed to create a collaborative exchange of ideas that result in better business outcomes for the organization. This breakout session will provide tangible actions to deliver cloud…

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Josh Fraser
VP & Global Lead, Solution Engineering, Hybrid FinOps & IBM
In today’s hybrid tech landscape, investments span across cloud, SaaS, containers, and on-premises environments. But one truth persists – software costs continue to surpass infrastructure expenses. Understand why software considerations — cost, compliance, lifecycle, risk and sustainability — are critical to effective TBM while unlocking millions in savings opportunities with…

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Nik Jethi
Senior Manager
Deloitte Consulting LLP
Mark Steckel
Specialist Leader
Deloitte Consulting LLP
By leveraging ITFM and FinOps, businesses can gain comprehensive insights into IT spending, optimize costs, and maximize business value. This results in increased IT cost accountability, better IT visibility of expenditures, and more accurate cost allocation. Donʼt miss this exciting opportunity to learn about the benefits of combining ITFM and…

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Michael Snyder
Managing Director, Technology Strategy & Advisory
Lori Doon
Jermaine Henson
The Hartford
Sean Halligan
Director, FinOps
Maryville Consulting Group
Learn about the best practices and common pitfalls to avoid when standing up and maturing your FinOps practice. Understand the quick wins that can set your program up for success while establishing credibility within your organization.
Paul Matthews
Director, IT - Technology Business Management
Dave Lyon
TBM Analyst
Nick Marchese
TBM Analyst
UPMC’s TBM practice shifted from being run out of the finance organization to being a direct extension of the CIO’s office in the last year. In this session, you’ll hear about key lessons they’ve learned about running a successful TBM practice within IT.
James Hudson
Director Program Management
McGraw Hill Education
Max Danilevsky
Digital Transformation Consultant
McGraw Hill has recently undergone the next step in its digital transformation: shifting to a fixed capacity allocation model by allocating team members to long-lasting teams working through product backlogs aligned to enterprise Initiatives. This session will explore best practices and lessons learned.
Matt Temple
Transformation Excellence Manager
Michael Enslein
TBM Admin
Tenet Healthcare
In this session, the TBM Council Standards Committee will present an analysis of synergies and opportunities between the intersecting disciplines of Technology Business Management (TBM) and ServiceNow CSDM. This session will go deeper into best practices and learnings to guide organizations that practice both.
Michael Nowling
Principal Enterprise Applications Engineer
Cox Enterprises, Inc.
Thoughtful implementation of a single Enterprise Agile Planning tool delivers value by providing top to bottom visibility and collaboration across the system. Join this session to understand how Targetprocess provides the flexibility needed to match your tool with your unique approach to Agile transformation.
Mohammad Attieh
Digital Transformation Consultant
Vincerion Group
Digital Transformation cannot occur overnight – there is a transition period as companies move from traditional waterfall-based models to more agile models — including resource management. We will explore Apptio Targetprocess capabilities to support resource management in the Hybrid environment.
Jack Bischof
General Manager
TBM Council
Justin Mann
Director, Research & Standards
TBM Council
This session will unveil aspects of the strategic expansion and modernization of the TBM Council and discipline, and correlating community research findings. Your hosts will share insight into a modernization strategy of great benefit to the entire global community of practitioners, executives, and partners. Don’t miss this interactive session on…

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Tina Behers
VP Enterprise Agility
In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations are faced with the dual challenge of staying agile while effectively managing technology and business costs. To navigate this complex terrain, a holistic approach to cost management is essential. Explore the concept of an integral approach to cost management, which considers technology, people,…

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Ngoc Le
Principal Product Manager
IIP addresses the underserved need for software solution that can be used by both PMO and IT Finance to generate project/investment view in IT Finance’s taxonomy. This session explores how to effectively plan operational budgets and new investment budgets in a single integrated plan using ApptioOne IIP.
Jeff Blythe
Manager Business Relationships
Children's Health System of Texas
Children’s Health System of Texas wants to take you through building your TBM practice: from stakeholder buy-in and why this is Critical, to setting your TBM program goals and exploring the journey of TBM socialization to TBM governance.

Executive Strategy Forum Sessions

Meet face to face with some of the world’s foremost AI experts and practitioners. From those working in public and private sector AI strategy, governance and policy, to the executives that are making and applying AI technologies that are shaping the modern landscape.

Join Forrester industry analyst Tracy Woo and tech industry executives to exchange insight into the successes and failures of operating a tech organization in a hybrid world, where Agile and waterfall combine with private, public and multi-cloud strategies, creating operational challenges modern organizations must master. Meet your tech and finance executive peers, to exchange insight into how these modern obstacles are being addressed.

Who wouldn’t want to find 3% of their technology budget to be used differently – either for cost savings or to move from run the business to change the business? Even if you aren’t in cost cutting mode, you’re most likely still have budgets stuck in contracts, redundant services, or legacy infrastructure. Hear from leaders who have successfully uncovered millions of dollars to put into savings or redirected to strategic initiatives and transformation.

Digital innovation is driving organizations to adopt new technologies, delivery capabilities and operating models. Adoption of Agile methods and cloud services often figure prominently on the digital agenda, join our panel of executive industry practitioners and partners as they share insight into their journey from Project to Product.

Pressure from investors, customers, governments and regulators is driving the ESG agenda, and tech has a key role to play. Sustainability is increasingly linked to brand identity as regulatory compliance requirements become more demanding worldwide. Join us to explore the standards, approaches and solutions organizations are leveraging to mitigate the challenging environment of “Tech Sustainability”.

Agenda subject to change

Executive Strategy Forum Sessions

A look back at 10 years of TBM leadership and community building.

  • Eileen Wade, General Manager, TBM Council
  • Tom Murphy, VP IT & CIO, University of Pennsylvania

Innovating through technology is not new. For decades technology leaders have navigated the landscape of delivering competitive innovations that drive business value. CIOs have been known as “Transformational Leaders” and “Change Agents” – and this remains true today. However, what escalated seemingly overnight was the competing need to reconceptualize both employee and customer engagements that deliver anytime, anywhere experiences with minimal risk and a nimbleness rarely seen before. In this session, discussion leaders will share their own experiences and set up table engagements for attendees to answer various questions, including:

  • Is modernization the driving force behind the “Mega CIO”?
  • Is the “Mega CIO” a fit for all strategies?
  • Are executives with line-of-business backgrounds relegating professionals with technology-focused backgrounds to the executive sidelines?
  • If not the CIO, then who else is as uniquely positioned to understand and lead company and product strategy transformations?
Discussion Leader:
  • Les Ottolenghi, EVP & Chief Information and Technology Officer, Stride
  • Greg Douglass, Senior Managing Director, Global Technology Strategy & Advisory, Accenture
  • Rhonda Gass, CIO, Stanley Black & Decker

Public cloud strategies are often embraced for the promise of rapid scalability, on-demand agility, and best-in-class security, resiliency, and features. However, public cloud adoption presents significant financial challenges that, when not addressed, inhibit any firm’s ability to exploit the promises of public cloud. In this session, we’ll hear from leaders who are managing their cloud strategy with both TBM and FinOps, and how they are leveraging the maturity and rigor of TBM to align their organization’s capabilities and requirements. We’ll then break into small groups to discuss both challenges and approaches for building and launching a TBM-for-Cloud journey, including:

  • Defining a TBM-for-Cloud function with FinOps
  • Practices for tailoring FinOps to your organization based on goals and capabilities
  • Establishing company financial constructs and controls
  • Benefits of building a FinOps capability with the oversight and governance of TBM


Discussion Leader:
  • Nathan Besh, TBM-for-Cloud Evangelist, TBM Council
  • Melissa Croft, Managing Director, UBS
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in 2021 surpassed the level achieved before the global pandemic, with $5.1 trillion worth of M&A transactions being completed across multiple industries. Success is non-negotiable, so corporate boards look to technology leaders to articulate how a deal will lower costs, mitigate risk, and increase revenue. To achieve this, many leaders have found that TBM is their Rosetta stone for navigating the three key phases of M&A: due diligence, integration, and run/optimize. In this discussion hear from Jack Bischoff, Regional VP of the TBM Council, as he shares use cases gathered from across our membership on the ways global organizations are leveraging TBM to deliver successful M&A processes with transparency, including the ability to:
  • Better identify areas of synergistic opportunity, risk, activity, and expected outcomes
  • Prioritize critical decisions about people, organizational structure, major system consolidation, and standardization
  • Provide the capabilities that determine how the organization is running, where costs are, and how to prioritize and optimize activities that are realized
  • Establish an improvement loop that creates a repeatable M&A playbook


Discussion Leaders:
  • Jack Bischof, VP, Europe & Middle East, TBM Council

Delivering business value faster is a primary reason why many organizations are aggressively scaling Agile practices across their enterprise. At the same time these practices can conflict with traditional ways of working including planning, organizational, and funding models. Agile practices risk creating financial blind spots for both product teams who are expected to make decisions faster and with more autonomy than ever before, and their financial peers. In this session, hear from executives who are applying the rigor and guidance of TBM to Agile-at-scale so they can maximize their shift from projects-to-products quickly and transparently. Discussion topics will include:

  • Best practices for gaining company-wide support to make the shift
  • Experiences and challenges maintaining cost transparency alongside Enterprise Agile
  • Identifying and prioritizing opportunities for TBM and Enterprise Agile frameworks (SAFe, Spotify Model, Scrum of Scrums, etc.)
  • Prioritizing Agile-specific financial management solutions for TBM
Discussion Leader:
  • Carolyn Gehrke, TBM Product Manager, John Deere
  • Kathy Higgins, VP – Tech Business Management, Lowe’s Companies, Inc.
  • Justin Mann, TBM-for-Agile Evangelist, TBM Council

Financial management of your technology investments is critical, now more than ever in high-paced and increasingly financially constrained markets. Cloud, hybrid, and digital development of products and services is integral to your business. But the decentralized, federated nature of those technological advancements has made it more difficult than ever to get a clear, accurate picture of the total costs of delivering those products and services. Furthermore, once you have an accurate view of those total costs, concerns arise on the best way to understand and communicate how those costs drive value, specifically the profitability of those products. In this session, we would like to hear your thoughts on how you, your peers, and your organization sees the evolution of technology costs and the need to see the profitability of the products that incur those costs informing your future decision-making processes.

Discussion Leader:
  • Eugene Khvostov, SVP, Products, Apptio

To understand what drove the Great Resignation, Humu asked more than 90,000 employees across large, global organizations why they are (or are not) looking for new roles. Their biggest finding? For most would-be quitters, culture matters more than compensation.

Join Laszlo Bock, former CHRO at Google, and now Co-Founder of Humu – a software platform that combines technology and behavioral science to make managers and their teams more effective – as he leads an interactive session on the essential traits that drive high-performing teams and engaged employees, including:

  • The difference between team culture vs. team composition
  • The five top factors that make (or break) team performance and retention
  • How leadership can encourage managers to build a team culture worth sticking around for
Discussion Leader:
  • Laszlo Bock, Co-Founder & Chairman, Humu (Former CHRO at Google)

Agenda subject to change